Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pics from Art of Weddings 2009

Thanks to all of you who attended and participated in The Art of Weddings this year. Every year it evolves and grows which is exciting. It's crazy to think it started with an idea I had in a coffee shop four years ago. I was pleased to hear that everyone had a good time. The atmosphere was set by the live jazz playing as you entered the door and wine to drink as you wondered around chatting with wedding professionals. No one felt rushed but instead had the time to mingle, sample appetizers, browse thru wedding albums and take pics in the photo booth. As with every year I learn new things to make the next one better. Here are a few pics from the evening before guest arrived. Thanks again!

Valls Photographic above.

Go Red donation/auction.
Folks setting up before doors open. Peterson Entertainment played live music.
Hand painted glass.

Detail of Swanky Tables candy display.

Garnish wedding gowns.
Willamette Valley wines.
more Garnish gowns.
Feather bouquet made by Lisa of Studio del Fiore.
Studio del Fiore.
Jasmine Photography and Best Car in town.

all photos copyright Jasmine Photography.