Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Clean up to help others.

You plan your event and see everything come to life in front of you. What about what happens behind the scenes? Do you know if the staff is recycling the plastic, glass or food? Being kind to the earth is more than chic right now, it's an obligation we have to protect it for future generations.
You certainly don't want to be running around in your gown after the event sorting recyclables. We recently found this company called Special E that does it for you.

The Special E is a group that rescues leftovers from events. As they state on their website, they'll rescue leftover food and deliver it to food banks, soup kitchens and emergency shelters to feed people who are homeless and hungry. They even rescue leftover remnants of beverage containers such as bottle caps and wine corks and then re-purpose them into jewelry and decorative products.

This is really a great idea to minimize the impact your party will have on the environment. I especially love how proceeds from recycling go toward purchasing food for abused and abandoned pets. They need tons of love from us too! In a time when everyone could use an extra bit of help, this program sounds like a great one.

Check them out at Special E to see if they are in your area. Good news, they serve Portland!


Jenny said...

Hello all! What a great post. I thought that I would also interject that many catering companies, like Culinary Artistry, aggressively recycle. We always recycle everything and we also compost all of our food scraps, making sure that when we leave an event there is no trace, (other than happy party goers)! - Jenny Woodman, Culinary Artistry