Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lift it, suck it in and smooth it out.

Ok. It's time to talk about what goes on under your wedding gown. This is a very important part of creating that perfect look. It's funny how some brides either laugh and show off the weird things they are putting on their body or they try to hide it and are slightly embarrassed. Here's the thing ladies, every bride I've worked with has worn one of the items below. So, have fun with it and let's get to lifting, tucking and smoothing it out!
We might as well start with one of the oddest things, the push up gel pads or as many of us like to call them: chicken cutlets! They stick to your skin without adhesive and are used if you have a low cut back on your gown. If these seem to weird talk to your seamstress about adding in cups to your gown. $38 for the pair.
Wearing a slinky party gown? If you are slipping into a silk dress be sure to test all your undergarments before heading out the door! You don't want all your guests talking about your lace blue underwear as you walk away from them. A bra may not work at all, so be sure to try some breast petals as shown above. Only $6.
If your dress is a heavy weight material you have more options with what you can wear underneath it. Get creative and try the lace g-sting above with the words "I Do" in crystal. You also have the option of adding your something blue to this hidden location.
These were found on for $31.

Spanx. If you've ever dressed up in a formal gown you know what these are. They come in black or nude colors and there are so many options you may have to try on a few styles. The one shown above is the footless pantyhose for $28. Most brides wear the power shaper that tucks in the tummy and bum. They also smooth out the fabric. Be sure to visit a store like Nordstrom's where they can help you find the correct size.

Last but not least is the bustier. They are a classic way to shape your body and feel sexy underneath all that fabric. This one is by Le Mystere and retails for $125 at nordstroms. Whatever you decide to wear be sure to try it on under you dress before the wedding day. Take your lingerie to your next fitting and make sure straps aren't showing, lines are hidden and the gown is laying smooth. Trying to adjust these things the day of is never fun and can be very stressfull.